Bongiovi Brand: How it all began

Hard to believe: We can already celebrate the one-year anniversary of Bongiovi Brand pasta sauces in Europe. Today I'll tell you how we came across the recipes that have been passed down in Jon Bon Jovi's family for generations and that his great-grandmother used to cook with.

Due to a family emergency, my partner Ralph spent a long time in his native USA and supported his family there. Among other things, he regularly conjured up delicious food on the table. In search of fine and at the same time healthy ingredients, Ralph scoured the shelves and discovered the pasta sauce from the House of Jon Bon Jovi. On the phone with me, he raved about the delicious, natural products that "do not require any flavor enhancers and taste so wonderfully aromatic," as he enthusiastically explained. A fine sauce that couldn't be healthier? The one that Jon Bon Bovi got for lunch at Nonna's when he was a kid? Bought!

In our phone calls during the difficult time, we talked a lot about wholesome food, about cooking with the family, but also about how everything should continue in the future.

When Ralph returned to Switzerland 10 days later, he was standing in front of the door with two full and heavy suitcases. Now I was really excited and of course I really wanted to try the sauces. What can I say: After the first fork of pasta with the "Dad's Original" sauce, I was completely won over. The next day we went looking for where we could find these sauces in the future. Because it was immediately clear to us that, despite Ralph's bulk purchases, we would soon need supplies - you just can't keep your hands off something as delicious as the Bongiovi sauces for long.

On the phone with the Bongiovi family

Surprised and a little dismayed, we quickly found out: You really can't buy these fine sauces anywhere. We then agreed that we had to change that immediately. We searched the Internet for the company that sells these sauces in the USA. "Bingo"! The company is called JAMBCO Inc. By the way, these are the names of the Bongiovi brothers: J for Jon (Jon Bon Jovi), A for Anthony, M for Matt, and the B stands for Bongiovi. Ralph immediately called them, but couldn't get through to anyone on the first attempt. At the next attempt, a voice was heard: «Anthony Bongiovi from JAMBCO Inc. «How can I help you?»

I was so excited: «This really is the brother of the great musician Jon Bon Jovi. Wow!" Of course, I was immediately on cloud nine.

We couldn't believe it, but it was like this brother was waiting for the call. He told us that for about two months he had been looking for a partner who could market and sell his sauces in Switzerland and Europe. Exactly six months later we held the signed contract in our hands!

This experience is simply unique. Since then, our lives have taken a grandiose turn. Our baby, the "Bongiovi Brand Pasta Sauces" are now also available here in Switzerland and Europe. And all because Ralph decided to bring home a suitcase full of sauces. 😊

Yvonne Bettinger, founder of RAYL Group GmbH