Fresh tomatoes ripened in the Italian sun

Perhaps you have already wondered why our Bongiovi Brand pasta sauces taste so particularly aromatic. The secret lies in Jon's great-grandmother's recipe - and the fresh tomatoes that we use in all our products.

In the Italian region of Italy, more precisely in Sicily, the aromatic, fresh tomatoes thrive, which were part of the Bongiovi family's sauce recipe as early as 1890. This tomato variety owes its wonderfully intense, unmistakably fruity taste to the fertile and sunny part and the maritime climate around Sicily

But this pleasure was almost lost forever: Since the tomato is an extremely sensitive representative of its kind, it was threatened with extinction until not too long ago. This property also means that these tomatoes cannot be processed industrially, but are all the more suitable for high-quality, sophisticated sauces. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly popular today, not least in upscale gastronomy. What's more, it is now regarded as the best sauce tomato of all. In this respect, Jon Bon Jovi's great-grandmother literally had a good nose when she used the tomatoes for her recipe. And even today we rely exclusively on this gourmet tomato from Sicily

for our sauces

By the way: the Bongiovi Brand pasta sauces are perfect for a real pizza Siciliana - which should hardly come as a surprise given the growing area of ​​the tomatoes in the region around Sicily!

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