Top chef «Daniel Dudov»

One day, we got a post on LinkedIn... not to mention a picture that brought us to tears. And the text, short and concise:

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It's about a very special person who has turned his passion into his profession. His name: «Daniel Dudov».

Top chef and language talent since childhood. Born in 1981 in Czechoslovakia. Nothing has fascinated him more than learning to cook. To do this, he visited the best and most professional restaurants around the world. He also did not miss a dream come true on a cruise ship. As is well known, experience and practice make masters and so Daniel knows that good food can create a great atmosphere in any situation.

His very personal credo «Preparations with the best regional and national ingredients that delight the palate, convey a feeling of uniqueness and a real experience».

The Bongiovi Brand Team, of course, contacted Daniel immediately and gave him the great news that we are very interested in working with him no less as we are also very interested in looking a little behind the scenes of his talent to be allowed to.

Since that time we have been enjoying his great creations every day, especially with the fine Bongiovi Brand Pasta Sauce. It's really great to see what's possible. We say thank you and look forward to sharing the great recipes with our loyal Bongiovi fans.

Your Bongiovi Brand Team

You can also find recipe videos at: YouTube