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Pursue your passion for pasta and discover our handmade pasta of the best organic quality. Our high-quality organic pasta is lovingly made in Switzerland and can even impress demanding pasta lovers in terms of taste.

Bongiovi Homemade Pasta Sets

Bongiovi Homemade Pasta Sets

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<transcy>6 Pack tomato sauce & pasta</transcy>

6 Pack tomato sauce & pasta

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6-pack of tomato sauces, pasta & salt
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Pasta it amore

They come in all sorts of different shapes and lengths: from classic spaghetti to farfalle to tagliatelle or penne. The Italians probably didn't invent pasta (it was probably the Chinese around 4000 years ago), but pasta is definitely just as much a part of the national cuisine as good olive oil or full-bodied Parmesan cheese. Because in Italia, pasta has been practically perfected over many centuries. Traditionally, they are made from durum wheat semolina and water, because you will look in vain for eggs in an Italian pasta dough. But they don't even need it, because pasta boiled in water with a little salt and mixed with a delicious sauce always tastes good. In our range we offer you handmade organic pasta of outstanding quality. They not only taste good with our own sauces semplicemente delicioso!

Enjoy like the Italians

In Italy, la dolce vita is appreciated to the fullest and this is also noticeable in the country's table culture: Italians prefer to eat together with friends and family at a long table, where they talked for hours and of course eaten. Traditionally, pasta is not eaten as a full main meal, but as the first of two courses. After the starter, pasta is served as Primo Piatto and shared with the whole table. So there are usually several pasta dishes on the table in a large group. This is followed by the Secondo Piatto, i.e. the second course, usually consisting of meat or fish with various Mediterranean side dishes. But it doesn't matter whether you eat our organic pasta as a primo piatto like in Italy or as the only main meal: the most important thing is enjoyment!


In Italy, pasta is traditionally made from durum wheat semolina and water. Eggs, on the other hand, are not included, which is why they are usually also suitable for vegans. Our pasta is made in Switzerland according to this recipe.

Yes, because we offer you different sets: Set 2 includes, for example, pasta, sauces and our herb sea salt.

We are currently offering you a pack with 300 g of handmade pasta. You can cook them in salted water for about 5 minutes and then enjoy them with our Bongiovi sauces.

Perfect with our pasta

Tomato sauce