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The temptation of Bongiovi sauce

The Bongiovi family, passionate chefs with a mission, began their culinary journey decades ago. Their sauce became not only a family secret, but also a symbol of first-class taste.

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In addition to the three Bongiovi sauces, we offer you other Italian specialties from Switzerland. For example, organic pasta or our exclusive herbal salt. Nevertheless, Bongiovi sauces and the history of the brand are of course always the focus. We think that Bongiovi sauces rock the taste and are very grateful to Jon Bon Jovi's family for sharing their family secret with the whole world.

Die ganze Geschichte

Since 1890

Real family thing

The Bongiovi family originally came from Sciacca in Sicily. There, in 1890, the great-grandmother created the recipe that was passed down through the generations. This is how John Bongiovi Sr. passed it on to his sons: Anthony, Matt and Rockstar John. Anthony and Matt have been bottling the sauce since 2011.

100% natural ingredients

Pleasure from Bella Italia

The Bongiovi tomato sauces are made in Italy without artificial additives or flavor enhancers according to the recipe of the Bongiovi family. Only freshly picked tomatoes go into the cooking pot, where they are cooked for hours and freshly bottled. Quality you can taste.

Real Italian

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You can easily order Italian delicatessen from us in our online shop. We also offer you a practical subscription model for our sauces. So you always get your Bongiovi sauces delivered to your home on time.

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