Welcome to Bongiovi Brand Europe

Our team

Each team member (Ralph & Yvonne) contributes specific skills and works dedicatedly to support common goals and share ideas with each other.

Our mission

Our mission is to create delicious pasta sauces that stand out with high-quality ingredients, authentic recipes and innovative flavor combinations. We strive to take eaters on a culinary journey and create unforgettable taste experiences while committed to sustainable and high quality food production.

Our passion

In the Jon Bon Jovi community we find inspiration, generosity and the power to create change. Let us come together to give hope to others and improve lives. Every donation, small or large, is a step towards a better world. Thank you for joining this movement to do good together.

Our story

Some jars of sauces brought from the USA to Switzerland. And now?

Surprised and somewhat dismayed, we quickly realized that the fine sauces are actually not available anywhere. We then agreed that we had to change that immediately. We searched the Internet for the company that sells these sauces in the USA. "Bingo"! The company is called JAMBCO Inc. By the way, these are the names of the Bongiovi brothers: J for Jon (Jon Bon Jovi), A for Anthony, M for Matt, and the B stands for Bongiovi. Ralph called there without further ado, but didn't reach anyone on the first attempt. On the next attempt, a voice rang out: «Anthony Bongiovi from JAMBCO Inc. «How can I help you?»

I was so excited: «This is really the brother of the great musician Jon Bon Jovi. Wow!" Of course I was immediately on cloud 700.

We couldn't believe it, but it was as if this brother had been waiting for the call. He told us that he had been looking for a partner who could bring the sauces to the market and distribute them in Switzerland and Europe for about two months. Exactly six months later we had the signed contract in our hands!

This experience is simply unique. Since then, our lives have taken a tremendous turnaround. Our baby, the “Bongiovi Brand Pasta Sauces” are now also available here in Switzerland and Europe. And all because Ralph decided to bring home a suitcase full of sauces. 😊